Love does not mean "weakness"

"love-notes" is the ultimate site for female interaction, unification and communication.  On this site we feature pictures of beautiful women while listing accomplishments, programs and events designed to help women prosper. It is not important whether men believe or not, but as long as women support and believe in themselves then that's what matters most. Mankind cannot survive without you. It is time for everyone to realize this. Stand up for equality.

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What's on the outside is just as important as what's on the inside

Your feelings are vast and endless like an ocean. What you feel in your heart is important. If no one wants to take the time to understand you then they may as well be gone. On this site men will hear you sound off and hopefully learn the important things needed to properly court a woman. Some men honestly don't know. On this site they can learn...

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Love without respect is meaningless

On this site we will feature models, music, poetry and much more. No matter what the age, size, height, ethnicity or weight, we know there is beauty in "every" woman and we aim to promote that on this site. We want people to understand that women can still be strong without losing any of their femininity.

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Would you like your own personal photo shoot of our models?

The pictures of the models on this page were taken by our staff of photographers. If you would like to have your own "personalized" pictures of our models (Taken by us) then contact us. Each model charges her own individual price for a photo shoot, and we offer no guarantees that any of our models will accept your terms for photos.

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I am not behind you or under you... I am with you...

It is okay to misunderstand my actions, but never my loyalty. I am someone who will walk a mile for you but I will never stand to be disrespected by you. Every great man has a woman behind him that helped to make him great. If I don't believe in you, who will? I can rise with you, or I can rise alone, but make no mistake about it: I will rise....

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On this page you will see pictures, videos, special features, blogs, music, stories and social outlets designed to empower women. This page is for Women AND men, with the hopes that men will learn to better understand women. It is strongly suggested that every man check this website out if he really wants to know his woman.


Next Steps...

You can express yourself to a loved one, write a song/music video, see our model feature, get feedback and write a poem.Take a look at our header sections and see what you would like. You can start out by contacting us and expressing yourself. You can make comments and everything else just by clicking here.